Monday, 22 October 2007

Off The Shelf

Blogonomics: Turn Your Life Into a Blog – And Then Put It On The Shelf
New media meets old media. Volatility meets eternity. Digital meets thinginess. Blurb's BookSmart (still in beta) is software that turns your collected blog entries into a bookstore-quality book. For those who blog for a living, this new service opens undiscovered distribution formats (the blog book!) to reach more traditional readers. And for those who live for blogging or maybe just want to share their digital diaries with friends and family, it makes a great holiday gift.
Blurb works with Typepad and WordPress and is available for both PC and Mac. The software is free but producing a 40-page book costs $18.95 for a paperback and $29.95 for a hardcover, which includes a custom dust jacket. When your book is complete, you can offer it for sale in the Blurb bookstore. But if you’re interested in making money from book sales, you’ll need to buy in bulk to get a discount (or check out CafePress or LuLu).

Download Blurb BookSmart™ now for FREE and slurp your blog tonight.
You pay only when you publish your book. Books up to 40 pages start at $12.95 – see pricing table for details.

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