Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Study 2 :::The Journey Of A LifeTime

I created a bespoke wallpaper design for my new study, its an attempt to map her destiny how she meet her friend...Read on, Hope you will enjoy it

"...................In this world, it is destiny for you to meet someone. I will never forget the scene the first time we talk to each other, because before that we were on the same plane form Hong Kong to London, on the same coach from London to Nottingham but we never talk, finally we met again in front of the boots library. I remember clearly her brown glasses and red tartan shirt while my clothes and bags are all blue. Our first greetings are “where are you from?” But she is Korean, I am Chinese. Fortunately we are all one of the six students in MA Product Design course. I noticed that day air is so clean that I even can see the end of the road. Clouds are very near, and always changing very fast, seems to have the same moving speed with crowded people. From that day, I am not alone and I thought she is my “Miss Right”."

Huang Qiong