Monday, 31 March 2008

Colleen Baran - Like Wearing A Love Letter Series

While browsing I came across this artist who was asking for people to submit their love stories and she was then going to turn them into pieces of jewelry.very interesting concept. Read on.

In the ‘Like Wearing a Love Letter’ series I wanted to make jewellery that was like a love letter. Like wearing a daydream, a memory or a thought of love. Pieces are formed of collections of small phrases and words that layer to build narratives. Little stories of love that are: sincere, ironic, deep, passionate, conflicted, uncertain, comfortable, simple, adoring, platonic and complicated.
Made of milky polycarbonate and clear Mylar they are cloudy dreamy forms like thoughts from the air; possibly a permanent record of a fleeting thought, a declaration of a permanent bond or an artefact of a love no more. Work in this series is constructed from hand written and carved words on plastic petals and strips which are sewn and crocheted into layered, cloudy and fluttery forms.