Saturday, 5 April 2008

Farah- The rediscovery

Summer 2007, four Lebanese friends in their late twenties/ early thirties - a married couple, a boy and a girl (I) - went for a four-day trip as the first step to discover their own country. This trip focused on Northern Lebanese villages, but through it, we sensed the beauty and worth of the country as a whole.
We had a car for long distances but discovery was done through hiking. Each day, the four of us would visit a new destination and discover it by walking and chatting in its streets, contemplating nature and village-style architecture, meeting with inhabitants, and taking artistic pictures. We would then sleep over in a humble and basic but clean hotel (girls in a room, boys in another) then move to another destination the next day, sometimes even bumping into an unexpected but wonderful cedar forest by accident (Tannoureen's)!
I understood, through this trip, why amidst all instabilities and wars in Lebanon, its local communities living abroad never leave the idea of coming back "home". I felt the beauty of this "home", "my home": Friendly and simple village inhabitants who welcome you for a cup of Turkish coffee in their house when they only know you for ten minutes and a wonderful undamaged nature of olive trees, cedar trees, pine trees, many sorts of wild flowers... contrasting with a bright blue sky and a wonderful refreshing sunlight. In harmony with the natural beauty are the Lebanese-style stone houses with their red pointed roofs forming, next to one another, a living painting. Not to forget the extraordinary taste of food, where fruits and vegetables taste as if they have just been picked up from the garden, and they probably would be so! The night was also special, with a dark sky, clear moon and stars, and a nice fresh breeze besides our chats and laughs.

All of what I have experienced and described gives me hope and further attachment to a country that is currently threatened with a new civil war. Is this beauty a small dream in a a sea of disturbing reality, or does it constitute the seeds of revival for a country that lost its consciousness? I pray for bright peaceful future...


Lindsay said...

I loved this post. I'm sorry I came to it so late! Beautiful portrait of Lebanon, and so pleasingly different from the picture we get from the news. More!

ruchi goyal kaura said...

thanks Lindsay, I was also very moved by the story when I was creating the design for it...thanks for appreciating the work...

Anonymous said...
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