Monday, 22 October 2007

Memoirs from the past

The working title of my project is ‘memoirs from the past’.

The aim of is this project is to conserve and illustrate the memories stored in the human mind. The motive behind this project is to give shape, colour, and form to the situation that intrigues the sense of happiness and belonging to a person. . I understand the physiology of design well and can interpret human emotions in color and design. This project will be a hybrid extension to the work I do at present. I would love to make objects so that they interact well with their surroundings and give out a human touch.


An extensive research will be done about the person and the episode of life that we require to freeze. A personal interview, filling out a questionnaire will be required, the cultural and physiological investigation will be necessary.


Designing weaves, patterns, designs, prints etc using objects, pictures, photos, colours from ones past. I want to incorporate my working knowledge in textile design and come up with beautiful objects that can hold the sweet remembrances of a particular time. Techniques like printing (screen or hand), weave with objects inserted in weft, appliqué, patchwork, fabric origami can be used to create effects of the selected memories.


This project will be perfect gift for our parents as will as children who will be able to keep their memories close to them and then pass it on to the next generation with a story to cherish. The product thus created will be a memoir forever. A range of home furnishings will be created as an outcome of this project

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