Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Layered Memories

"..........The layers of our memories are so beautiful and the way they overlap and reoccur is an art in itself......."

There are many ways an artist may express his emotions, his dreams, his aspirations but a successful artist keeps his all five senses open so that he sees, feels, tastes, hears and even smells the emotional signal coming from the other end.


Farah Tarek Dabbous said...

Well done! I like the work and the progress :)

Farah Dabbous said...

I like the earthy fall tones and the memory texture that you put.

As for the subject itself, my vision of memories is a bit different whereby contrary to what I am seeing here, a unified representation for your memories, I tend to believe that memories take different forms according to how old they are, how pleasant they may be or how crucial they are to your recent days. Visually speaking, I might personally have completely different styles of representation of different memories. For example, in early childhood I tended to be much more shy then I was in the past few years, each of these periods then would have a different visual representation with potentially different colours, textures, fonts, etc... but both containing a bit of "me".

Farah Dabbous said...

But at the end, that is just "me". You stick with your own representational style if you think it best supports who you are, and the complexity of your own memories.

Kepp it up :)

ruchi goyal kaura said...

thanks farah......your feedback is very helpful.

Moe said...

I didn't think something can feel so tactile just by looking at it especially on a computer screen. That was my first impression of this piece. Every element in this composition, color, technique, texture, line work, seems to have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Although I don't know what the memory is, I personally get overtones of sexuality and sensuality at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I really like your concept..trapping memories in fabric is a great idea..having various symbols of our memories printed on cloth is a wonderful..i would want to have such a representation of my memories for sure..
great work..